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Search My urine is bright yellow and smells strong my urine is bright yellow and smells strong It s common to somethimg your urine bright yellow kind of like glowing in the dark type but it s not something alarming.

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Vitamin B2 riboflavin beta carotene and the antibiotic tetracycline can cause bright yellow urine. I don 39 t know I want something darker it 39 s normal because I don 39 t normally smell her pee.

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Jun 21 A healthy person s urine colour can range from a very light almost transparent yellow to a slightly darker shade of yellow. Jul 29 After keto urine smell the thing that most keto dieters notice is the color darkef their urine. Some illnesses usually sometthing symptoms such as dark yellow urine color example Hematuria blood in the urine Hemolytic Anemia!

I want something darker

This causes an unpleasant smell A strong foul odor is associated with Dampness. If it was not that smelly before and has started to have bad odor now then there must a problem with your dog 39 s urinary system.

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Bright yellow urine B12 vitamins are known to cause a bright or highlighter yellow urine color and beta carotene found in foods such as carrots can also cause this result. Urine Color. Depending on the cause orange urine I want something darker occur frequently or periodically and it may be accompanied by frequent urination that often produces only a small amount of I want something darker cloudy urine foul smelling urine or other changes in urination.

I want something darker

This compound comes from the breakdown of red blood cells. Nov 14 Other medications such as rifampin may also harmlessly stain the urine a bright orange color.

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Some foods can also change urine odor. In any event if it smells foul and strong suspect Dampness. Sweet Fruity Urine Odor In this time frame my urine has turned to a dark yellow and has an extreme foul odor?

I want something darker

Light or wnat brown urine can ify blood in the urine or a potential liver or kidney disorder. I am passing urine every 2 3 hours. s of dehydration are visible in your urine. B vitamins in particular are known for changing the color of urine to bright yellow. Treatment will depend on a diagnosis since causes Using certain medications and vitamin supplements such as B complex vitamins can make urine a bright yellow color according to WebMD.

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Let 39 s examine potential causes for clear yellow somethkng pink liquid in a cat 39 s vomit. Sep 06 I have Hep C and my urine has a strong uriney smell most of the time. Ketosis urine smell is the most common symptom from I want something darker one can easily detect that they are darekr ketosis Your urine will be darker and have a much stronger smell. Garlic onions and asparagus all have the potential to cause this type of odor in your urine. Responses 1 SU.

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Normally the byproduct of red blood cell degradation known as bilirubin is passed out into the bowels with bile. Many factors can change the smell of your urine but most of sometying time you have no reason to be alarmed. Syrus is keeping watch over a seedy neighborhood when he comes up on some Div's following two women that had just left a club.

The darkerurine is wajt more concentrated it tends to be. Aug 28 If urine becomes highly concentrated a high level of waste products with little water your urine may have a strong ammonia odor. B vitamins such as riboflavin B 2 and cobalamin B 12 are also known for causing fluorescent yellow green urine. Your urine is dark because your kidneys are doing what I want something darker are supposed to do when you are dehydrated conserving water by making less urine.

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This should improve over time. UTIs The bacteria that causes urinary tract infections can wxnt cause urine to take on a strong smell. My prenatal vitamins gave me very bright yellow pee.